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Streamline your HR processes, foster talent retention, and cultivate a top-performing team with a primary focus on elevating the employee experience.



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The only HR management tool you’ll ever need

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, manual calculations, or complicated HR systems. Viveve will be the friend that frees you from administrative work, allowing you to fully focus on high-level tasks.

Employee Database

Separate your business into units, locations, roles and departments.

Employee Management

Manage all your employees and get a better understanding of your workforce.

Smart HR Workflows

Design specialized HR procedures to guarantee that your operations are error-proof.

Insightful Analytics

Analytics enable you to process numbers and display information using both pre-made and personalized reports.

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Pay Salary

Pay salaries with one single click

Streamline payroll processing effortlessly with Viveve’s Payroll solutions. Our user-friendly and comprehensive process design ensures a hassle-free payroll experience, eliminating tedious tasks.

Track, manage, and control your expenses

Simplify your financial management with our powerful expense tracking solution. Gain complete visibility into your expenditures, streamline expense approval workflows, and take charge of your finances with ease.

Optimize your time and attendance

Spend less time tracking time and days off. Viveve’s time and attendance system lets you focus on employee productivity while accurately tracking work hours and providing error-free reporting.

Performance management at its best

Enrich the talent that nurtures your business. Get insight on how each team is performing, every individual’s skills and potential, and the ways you can improve organizational performance.

Reimagine learning and development

Viveve provides a powerful but simple way to manage and deliver the best learning experience to your employees. Our learning and development system enables dynamic learning for every team with engaging content and virtual training.

Make your life easier with integrated platforms

An HR experience that your employees will love

Our intuitive HR solutions prioritize employee satisfaction, from onboarding to performance management, fostering a work environment where your team thrive.