Effortlessly streamline your global employee data

Streamline your worldwide workforce management with a flexible, cloud-based employee database system. Create a secure, comprehensive, and scalable database to gain deeper insights into your team.



Customize and build your organization

Software should operate with precision, tailored to meet your distinct needs. Our employee management software empowers you to establish and manage a database precisely aligned with your individual preferences.

Add employees quickly

Migrating to Viveve only takes a few steps. You can import, add, and invite users directly or choose to sync them through our Office 365 or GApps integrations. You can also automatically generate unique employee IDs.

Classify your workforce

Divide your workforce into departments, locations, and job roles. Set the foundation for error-free management, from payroll and admin actions to performance and development.

Get an overview of your employees

With all the data and multiple profiles, it can be difficult to gain visibility. Make it easy for employees to contact their colleagues through the directory or a simple search based on location, name, job role, or other details.

Organize and manage your business entities

Have multiple business units? No problem. You can manage them all from within Viveve. Add your entities and their different divisions to build your organization structure, and effortlessly manage your employee data.

Secure employee database management

We uphold the mantra of seamlessness and security in everything we do. Our utmost priority is safeguarding the confidentiality of both business and employee data. Here’s our approach to ensuring security:

Secure password management

Simplifying the process of creating and sharing passwords for your team is essential for both convenience and security. With Viveve, you can effortlessly generate robust passwords and share them securely. Additionally, you have the flexibility to establish a customized password policy and enable employees to change their passwords as needed, enhancing overall security.

Shielded access to employee info

Ensuring compliance with data security and privacy regulations is paramount for preserving your business’s reputation. Viveve provides robust security features such as field-level access controls, encryption, and more. This allows you to grant access to employee information based on specific job roles and responsibilities, reinforcing your commitment to data protection and privacy.

A connected ecosystem

Efficient data communication is essential for a seamless, error-free experience. This necessitates an integrated approach that enhances the flow and visibility of your business information. Here’s how we accomplish this:

Integrate with your favourite apps

Viveve facilitates seamless data synchronization, both within individual systems and across multiple integrated platforms. This process captures all changes with precision and automation, guaranteeing that you operate with the most up-to-date information available.

Employee database

Gathering various employee details in compliance with organizational or local regulations can be a complex task. With our system, you can easily tailor forms to include specific fields and permissions, allowing employees to contribute and edit their information. This streamlines processes, minimizes errors, reduces redundancy, and alleviates administrative burdens.

An HR experience that your employees will love

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