Boost employee recruitment and retention

Integrate your HRMS system with a top-tier talent acquisition software to expedite the hiring process and enhance the onboarding journey. Viveve empowers recruiters to seamlessly transition a successful candidate into a full-fledged employee through a unified interface.

Make hiring less tiring

The journey of employee experience commences with the recruitment process. Viveve Recruit represents a fusion of an applicant tracking system and a candidate relationship management platform, enabling HR teams to swiftly and effectively fill job positions.

Source from a wide pool of candidates

Manage resumes and conduct interviews

Stay on top of hiring trends with analytics

Candidate to employee with just a click

Say goodbye to paper

Employee experience starts with recruitment. Viveve Recruit is a combination of an applicant tracking system and a candidate relationship management platform that allows HR teams to fill roles quickly and efficiently.

From candidates to employees

Transform each triumphant recruitment into a seamless employee transition with the Viveve HR suite.

When you transition a candidate’s status from hire to employee, the Viveve system will automatically generate your account, complete with the necessary access rights and privileges.

This allows you to efficiently oversee multiple applications and initiate the onboarding process directly within Viveve Recruit.

Measure the true success of your hiring efforts

Prioritizing the management of the hiring process is crucial for recruiters. Viveve Recruit’s hiring pipeline facilitates the organization of candidates into distinct stages within your recruitment process.

Recruiters commonly emphasize specific metrics such as time-to-hire, time-to-fill, and quality of hire to gauge their performance and instill a data-driven approach in the hiring process. This integration offers a holistic solution for the entire HR management lifecycle.

An HR experience that your employees will love

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