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Our software streamlines all aspects of your HR operations, from accounting and payroll to invoicing and payments.


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How does Viveve work?

Our team is continually growing, united by a common goal: make HR operations not just achievable but inevitable for companies everywhere

At Viveve, we recognize the distinct demands and obstacles faced by HR professionals in various industries. That’s why we’ve engineered robust software solutions designed to empower HR teams like yours to thrive in today’s ever-evolving landscape.

We understand that each organization is unique, which is why we provide personalized software solutions tailored to address your specific HR needs. Whether you require tools for recruitment, performance management, or employee benefits administration, our software can be customized to align seamlessly with your individual HR requirements.

Our Mission

At Viveve, we share a deep-seated passion for HR tools and software. Yet, we understand that the HR landscape is often fragmented and cluttered with numerous disconnected tools and platforms. This realization has fueled our commitment to developing Viveve, initially conceived as an internal solution and now our vehicle for realizing our vision of enhancing HR productivity worldwide.

We aspire to become the single, all-encompassing HR software that replaces the need for multiple disparate tools. We’re immensely thankful for the support of thousands of HR teams that have joined us in our quest, as we strive to revolutionize the HR landscape together.

Our Solution

We’ve developed an innovative system designed to simplify the lives of HR professionals. Our system empowers HR teams to streamline tasks such as employee management, recruitment, performance evaluation, goal setting, and comprehensive analysis of HR processes.

We make it easier for HR professionals to plan and execute HR strategies, set clear objectives, and analyze the results of their efforts, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their HR operations.


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An HR experience that your employees will love

Our intuitive HR solutions prioritize employee satisfaction, from onboarding to performance management, fostering a work environment where your team thrive.