Easy payroll processing all around the world

Managing international payroll, taxes, and benefits across 160+ countries has never been easier. Consolidate your global team’s payments into a single invoice while ensuring seamless compliance with diverse regulations worldwide. Experience hassle-free global payroll with Viveve.

Pay international employees in local currencies

Never easier. Never more straightforward.

Auto allocate employee taxes

Say goodbye to tedious manual calculations and hello to precision and efficiency.

Forecast your financial cash flow

Predict your finances, stay ahead, and achieve your goals. Don’t leave it to chance—forecast your cash flow today!

Your finances are securely synced

Viveve synchronizes everything securely, so finance teams, accountants and investors stay safe in financial harmony.

  • Real-time and secure synchronization of financial data

  • Access your finances from anywhere securely.

  • More efficient and organized financial management

Wallet Integrations

Pay with the tools you love and trust.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay







An HR experience that your employees will love

Our intuitive HR solutions prioritize employee satisfaction, from onboarding to performance management, fostering a work environment where your team thrive.

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