Unlock the full potential of your workforce with performance management.

Viveve is crafted to enhance employee performance by streamlining HR processes and boosting retention rates.

Viveve offers a comprehensive approach, including a 360-degree continuous feedback system and the ability to assess employees using tailored performance appraisal methods.

Track performance with accurate metrics

Evaluating an employee’s capabilities hinges on various critical factors, including completed goals and competencies. Viveve offers comprehensive data to assist you in assessing every facet of an employee’s performance.

KPAs and goals

Assigning goals to your employees gives them concrete results to strive for while also increasing flexibility and accountability. With Viveve, set goals and know the progress each team member is making towards the key results.


Employees grow and develop in their roles. Viveve enables employees to enhance their skills. It also makes it easy to find the most proficient employees for a given project, eliminating a tedious search.


There are things that go beyond achieving targets. What are the ideal characteristics needed for a job role? Evaluate your employees on behavioral metrics, and don’t miss out on the employees that have those skills.

Review and recognize contributions

Armed with this data, the next step is determining how to utilize it effectively. Viveve’s performance module enables you to leverage these factors to create a more comprehensive and actionable overview of your workforce.

Hi Laura, (…)

Excellent initiative to improve the project’s deliverability rate. Keep up the good work!

Great thinking outside of the box during our last meeting 🙂

Quick and quality 360-degree feedback

The era of annual reviews is behind us. Recognizing the importance of feedback from peers is as vital as feedback from managers. Encourage employees to provide reviews for their colleagues and receive reviews in return throughout the entire year.


Promote continuous reviews

Consistent check-ins on individual performance enable managers to coach employees effectively and stay well-informed. Conduct monthly or quarterly reviews that include employee self-appraisals and manager feedback. Incorporate this data into your annual appraisals to ensure that significant contributions and performance highlights are not overlooked or forgotten.

Unlock insights

Visualize your employee data and harness the unique strengths of your workforce effortlessly. Viveve’s extensive array of reports allows you to access the information you require at a glance.

Easy and automated performance appraisals

Organizations should have the flexibility to tailor their appraisal process according to their specific needs. Customize your appraisal procedures to align with your preferred timelines and workflows.

Incorporating self-appraisals provides employees with valuable insights into their work, while multi-rater reviews collect feedback from individuals they directly collaborate with. This approach helps mitigate unconscious bias from managers and enhances the fairness and significance of appraisals.

Goals, skill sets, and appraisal reports

Visualizing the performance parameters you’ve established for employees is a valuable practice. Viveve generates informative reports that facilitate the review of employee goal attainment, skill development, and comparative appraisal ratings, aiding in the assessment of overall performance.

An HR experience that your employees will love

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