7 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Marketing Emails in 2024

Recruiting your business’s best and most talented employees takes work. The job market has become more candidate-driven than ever, and you need a few tricks and work to hire the best talent. 

Compared to the year before, you must implement tactics in 2024 and the upcoming year to attract the best talent to your business in the pool job market. One such strategy to produce remarkable results is a recruitment marketing email. 

In the blog, we will see how this is beneficial to the business, 7 ways to improve your recruitment marketing emails. 

What is Recruitment Marketing Emails?

To put it in a nutshell, recruitment marketing email is nothing but a strategic approach opted by the company to hire the best talent from the job market. The approach is more of sending a targeted email campaign to attract, engage, and nurture the potential candidate for the job opening. This approach can take an even more powerful effect if the emails in question are marketed through recruitment videos to further enhance their reach and captivate a wider appeal to the audience.

This strategic approach of recruitment marketing emails is also highly beneficial to your business. 

How & Why it is Beneficial for Your Business Growth?

Well, when it comes to a strategic approach, obviously, it will be and bring benefits to the business growth, like

  1. Cost-Effective Outreach

Normally, email marketing is a cost-effective channel, be it for any business. The recruitment team can use email marketing channels along with the recruitment software compared to other recruitment approaches. 

Instead of going for recruitment agencies or other job posting sites, companies can use email marketing resources to the fullest. 

  1. Target Audience Engagement

Email marketing is one great way to approach the target audience precisely with its email segmentation process. Well, you can divide the candidates into groups based on their skill set, educational background, demographics, and more. 

This segmentation method will eliminate the chaos and help send a targeted message to the candidate for a better response rate. 

  1. Effective Communication

The hiring process varies from one company to another, but email is one of the best ways to keep the candidate engaged and informed. With proper updates, sending interview invitations, streamlined communication using professional invitation templates.

Some emails can be pushed to the automated workflow, like welcome emails and follow-ups for assessment submissions, with an email marketing tool to save time and for better communication. 

  1. Scalability and Consistency

Email marketing is easy to scale up whether you are looking to fill in one position or multiple. It is easy to scale up the process. 

Regardless of multiple positions and pushing it to the automated email marketing tool, you can keep up the same tone and image of your brand irrespective of all primary and follow-up emails. 

  1. Data-Driven 

One important factor that gives a great advantage to email marketing is measuring the metrics. Yes, you can track down the open, click-through, and response rates of emails sent. 

Where you can adjust your email marketing strategy according to your past data and set up a new campaign. 

  1. Mobile Accessibility 

Mobile devices are everywhere; sending emails with good subject lines and content is not a big deal. However, those emails should be mobile-friendly. 

The candidate should effortlessly engage with your email despite the device they are using it. 

Though recruitment marketing emails have it’s own benefits for the business in the hiring process. You should see ways to improve it from the existing one. 

7 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Marketing Emails in 2024

  1. Segmentation is Prime

Being a recruiter, you might be handling multiple openings. It doesn’t mean you have to cover all your organization’s job openings under one email to your email subscriber. This strategy will only increase your unsubscribe rate rather than the candidate clicking through! 


What can be done? Well, sending a laser-targeted email is the best recruitment email campaign strategy can be done. But how to do that? – Segmentation, dividing your email list based on the candidate’s persona, and creating hyper-relevant content that each email speaks. 

  1. Compelling Subject-line works

Writing a click-worthy subject line is an important part of every email campaign’s open-rate success. This gives a recipient the curiosity and convenience to open the email, knowing the expected content is just a click away! 

Research shows subject lines with 61-70 characters have a strong open rate but avoid generic subject lines like “New job alert.” Instead, focus on writing a unique and relevant subject line. Usually, this works more for head-hunting jobs. 

Some example subject lines are: 

  • How do you feel about leadership? 
  • We think it’s time for a salary boost
  • David from Union Advertising is looking for you
  1. Optimize for Mobile

Well, we are in a mobile-driven environment, so it is non-negotiable that your email should be mobile-optimized. Despite the mobile device the recipient uses. An unstructured or poorly structured email is a significant turn-off for candidates who check emails on mobile. 

For better click-through, it is better to double-check that the drafted emails are mobile-friendly before they are reached. 

  1. Keep it to the Point

Like the subject line, writing email content to the point and relevant has better click-through. According to research, emails with 50-150 words have a better response rate of 50%. So, it is best to keep your emails, especially recruitment marketing emails, short and relevant. 

As a recruiter, your goal is to make your candidate take action in the email sent, so it is better to stay away from fluffy, drawn sentences. Before sending an email, plan exactly what action they need to take for your email.

  • Click the “Apply Now” button on the job opening you sent
  • Click “Sign up” for the recruitment event 
  1. Foster Engagement with CTA

Be it any email, without CTA; it is like shooting in the dark though you send to the target candidates. When it comes to recruitment emails, adding CTA is most effective and important for better click engagement. 


The added CTA should be clear and persuasive, leading the prospect to the subsequent stage. With the CTA, determine what action you want them to take to submit the application, schedule an interview, or further investigate the firm’s culture. 

  1. Monitor and Analyze Metrics 

Every email campaign has its own metrics to analyze, depending on the campaign’s goal. But, the common metrics are open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate, which should be monitored carefully. 


With this data, you can get a clear picture of which strategy works best and which should be adjusted. In that way, A/B testing helps you tweak your email campaigns for better results. 

  1. Implement Automation Effectively 

Automation is everywhere, so implementing automation solutions like BayEngage, Mailerlite, Constant Contact, and more for your recruitment marketing emails can be more efficient. But doing it strategically is more important for the campaign’s success. 

Make sure your follow-ups and reminder emails don’t come up with an impersonal touch, even if it can save you time. 

Gear-up Your Recruitment Marketing Email Campaign in this 2024

Attracting and hiring top talent from the job market pool is essential for an organization to succeed in the marketplace. In that phase, recruitment marketing emails play a strategic role in hiring the top talent in 2024. 

In modern recruitment strategy, recruitment marketing email is more effective due to low cost, scalability, data-driven, better communication, and more. Usually, business gets the most out of email marketing, but email marketing with talent acquisition business gets even better output. By customizing templates, email automation tools for the process, and data-driven insight. 

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